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Pho 99

Pho 99

Tel: (08) 39252791

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Pho is considered a traditional dish of Vietnamese. Each region in the country has created a specific way to process and enjoy the dish. For instance, for the North, people often have Pho without bean sprouts whereas for the South, epecially in Saigon town, people use Pho with bean sprouts and other vegetables. 

Pho is made from such ingredients as cow bones, onion, beef and other seasons. All are mixed and form such a delicious and tasteful pot of soup that arouses your appetite and you cannot help being in the mood for enjoying such dish.

Basically, the way to make Pho is the same; however, the flavor when it is finished to be used is completely different. For that reason, Pho 99 has been put up and follows a particular way to satisfy all customers, even the difficult.
Moreover, decoration is simple but familiar. Those lights inside make a cozy space and are inmpressive enough.

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